Unlock your essence, Do work you love, and Be richly rewarded.

You feel your soul calling. 

And it’s pulling you forward.

The uncertain ground, the uneven terrain… it’s shaky.  

And I want you to know… It’s ok. 

The path you are on… you may feel like you are walking in the dark.  You know you have to do things differently.  But what?  How? 

You wish there was a map, directions, a blueprint, anything!!

What if I told you there is?

And it is all laid out in the patterns of your life.  

We live in a world built of patterns upon patterns.  When we step back, and see these patterns from a higher perspective, a light bulb is turned on. 

We can see WHY and HOW

Each day has a specific energy to it. Plan your week by the numbers to become unstoppable. Leveraged energy creates massive momentum and flow in alignment. Free planning tool.

Your Purpose. Your Gifts. Your Challenges. Your Unique Brand of Sabotage. Your Super Power.  They are all in the numbers. Understand how to leverage your nature. You are here for a reason.  Let me show you.

Are you curious about how patterns and numbers can light our way, guide us toward alignment?  Understanding the energy and frequency of numbers will help you better understand yourself, but more importantly, better support your ideal clients to experiencing transformational growth. Learn how.

“Meaghan, Thank you!! The last couple of years working with you have been amazing; however, today’s VIP session completely rocked my world in the most spectacular way! The impact of our session will completely change my business and will help me impact so many lives in the process! I am so grateful to know you, to work with you, and to be guided by you!! Thank you for believing in me and the work that I do.”

Joy Kingsborough

“Meaghan has changed my whole life. Her coaching program took my business to the next level and there are no words to describe how amazing my experience has been. I will alway use Meaghan for my business coach! After our work together, I increased my business income by 178% in 1 year.”

Lisa Taylor

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