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Business is changing… you can feel it right?  The way you relate with Money is changing too.  So many of our Money interactions feel… kinda off, don’t they?  

This is leaving so many of you brave, courageous entrepreneurs feeling like you are on shaky ground.  You look around, and you see the old models crumbling.  Things you have been taught, in school and by mentors and leaders in the world… they are failing you.

And you wonder if this means you have made a mistake.


  The thing is, you have a little voice deep inside of you.  Telling you there has to be a better way.  You inately know that the world around you is abundant.

Could it be that Money is too?



Ditch lack and embrace abundance for good

Did you know that Money wants to be your ally, your partner in success?   Cultural beliefs and old habits have been pushing you into a state of lack and scarcity. In a commodity-based world, this made sense.  In a world of information and consciousness, this creates a glass ceiling on your income.  Discover the new rules of the game in the abundance economy, and how you can apply them for financial flow.


Discover your sacred money Archetype

You have innate strengths and gifts to create financial freedom.  In a powerful private coaching session, I will support you to discover your Sacred Money Archetype, your unique Money Personality.  Understanding your secret super powers to creating Money is a secret weapon in business, especially when you combine it with activating the Law of Compensation.  Identify your tendency to sabotate your financial flow, and implement strategies to stop sabotage in it’s tracks.

elementActivate the Law of compensation

Implement and apply the daily and weekly practices that activate the Law of Compensation.  Learn how to stop sabotaing your financial power. Applying and implementing these tools support your integration as you partner with Money in the abundance economy.  These daily practices have helped my clients reach powerful money goals, including doubling their monthly income in 2 months, and increasing their business revenue by 600% in 6 months.

Because doing the same thing

over and over again

is creating the same results:

uncertainty, insecurity and Scarcity in your Financial Power.

Drop the old models of scarcity, fear and lack, and activate abundance with your financial power.

Activate your financial power

8 week group coaching program,

A private Financial Freedom Strategy Session.

Virtual support.

Handouts, worksheets, and practical tools.

Let me guide you. 

You will discover your financial power, so you can unleash your impact in the world.

Because with a stable foundation of financial support, your world opens up.

 Your impact expands.  Your work has deeper meaning.

We begin in...








Email me to confirm your spot!

If you are wondering if this is right for you, let’s talk.  I want you to be sure this is the next right step for you as you move forward to create your vision!



What is the investment?

This intimate group coaching program is $844.  My group coaching programs usually range between $1000 to $1500.  But, here is the thing.  If this is a fit for you, I want it to be an easy “yes”.  Because I have a mission to heal business culture.  And I want to do everything I can to support you as you leave the old models of fear, scarcity and lack behind, so you can move into collaboration, connection, inclusion, support and abundance.  It is truly what I see as our future, and I want to walk with anyone who would like to contribute in creating this for our world!


Can I make payments?

Absolutely! If you register by March 26, the investment is $297 (for 3 months).  Contact me at meaghan.alton@gmail.com to arrange a customized option for you!


How do the meetings work?

We will meet for 8 weeks, with 7 group coaching sessions and 1 private coaching session.  We meet virtually once a week, for about 1 hour via Zoom. We will also have a private Facebook group for questions, discussion, and homework help between our meetings.


What if I have to miss a meeting?

All the meetings are recorded, so you will have access to the recording.  You can post questions during the week, and I will be actively working in the group to support you as you ditch lack for abundance.


What if something doesn’t make sense or I need extra support?

I am here for you.  I will be completely available during our calls for any questions.  And please, as much as you can ask between meetings will help you integrate and activate your financial power with as much ease as possible!!  The more you engage, the more I can support you.  It is like so many things in life… you get out whatever you put in.  And I am fully commited to your transformation.  I am holding the space for your financial power, because I see it.  I know it is there.  And I will guide you to step into it, and fully own it.


Who will be leading the group?

Meaghan Alton will be leading the group!  She’s been running business and money groups for 5 years now, supporting small business owners and entrepreneurs.  Her background is in business and finance, and she has a Master’s Degree in Economics.

Her clients love her direct focus, compassionate support, encouragement and attention to expansion.  With her support, clients have experienced a broad range of wins, including:

  • 600% revenue growth in 6 months,
  • 30% monthly growth consistently for a 12 month period, and
  • doubling monthly income in 2 months.


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