One of the best ways to seal your success in business is to be a great networker. Cooperating, collaborating and communicating with others in the community is essential to survival, both socially and in business.  Thriving economically relies on both social and business networking.

There are three key steps to being memorable and building a valuable network.

1. Connect. Find places to meet people and connect. There are many groups in your local community as well as online that have regular meetings. Depending on your business, your interests and your schedule, there are many options to choose from. Here are a few groups that welcome guests with open arms:

a.  Chamber of Commerce or Board of Trade.  Local Chambers and Boards of Trade typically have monthly business meetings, lunch and learns, and social events for business owners in the community.  If you are near me in the lovely Okanagan, check out

The Greater Westside Board of Trade

Kelowna Chamber of Commerce         

b.  Rapid Time Networks is a referral-based networking group.  Depending on your community, they meet weekly or every 2 weeks.  Check out more details on their website.

c.  Meet-ups. is a great place to find networking groups in your area.  They contain a description and a short bio for all the members.  This can help you determine which group would be a great fit for you and your business.  You can find high tech business groups, women in business groups, professional artists, and many others.

A great women’s business group in Kelowna with fresh new ideas is BABES in Business.

Kelowna Women in Business is an established group that has a strong and loyal membership.

2. Serve. When you make connections, ask yourself “how can I be of service to this person?” Support them and their business. You will become memorable and influential, and you will quickly see that others will support you. The result? Your business will flourish!

3. Follow-up. Send an email or make a follow-up call when you connect with someone at an event. Visit them in their business or arrange to have coffee together. You will learn more about them and their business in a one-on-one setting. You will both learn how you can serve and support each other as you build your business in the community. This step builds trust in your connections.

Networking is one tool you can use to grow your business and connect with ideal clients, potential partners and other business owners in your community.  The best part about it is building the energy of collaboration, support, and connection into your business so that you and your community can grow and thrive together!

Please post below and let me know… where is your favourite plate to network?  What valuable connections have you made?


Have a fabulous day!


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