In the last few weeks you have done a lot of work! Congratulations!  You are now part of the elite club of people who think about what they want, write it down, and tell others.  That makes you far more likely to achieve your goals!

Now, let’s create an action plan.  Reviewing your previous worksheets, see if you can identify one goal you want to set for yourself that you are really excited about.

castles in the sky 2

Brainstorm all the steps involved in achieving the goal… no order necessary!  Be sure to try and think of all you need to do to accomplish the goal.

How will you know you have made it?  Write down what accomplishing the goal looks like.

How will you celebrate completion?  Think of an awesome reward for yourself, and write it down.  Commit to celebrating this accomplishment!

Scan through your brainstormed list of steps involved.  Which one seems easy and enjoyable to do?  Choose a step and a date to complete it.  If you do this consistently, you will have achieved your goal, and you will be celebrating in no time!

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