Did you realize you had your foot on the brake while trying to move forward?


We all have bottlenecks and obstacles in our business.  Things that hold us back from completing a sale, finishing a project, or getting a client the information they need.

When bottlenecks are at play, it doesn’t matter how many goals we set or plans we make.  We cannot move forward with our foot on the brake!

Where have you been applying the brake in your business?

What tasks and responsibilities hold up sales?  Are clients waiting for answers?  Is your paperwork missing or lost?  Is the order form sitting in someone’s inbox, waiting to be processed?  Is your equipment or staff working beyond their capacity?

What is preventing you from making a sale to a prospect right now?  Are they waiting for a proposal?  Are they waiting to make a payment?  Is it difficult to schedule a sales meeting in your busy calendar?

Without worrying about the solution, try to list as many areas as you can where you have your foot on the brake.  They can seem big or small.  All ideas should be included in the brainstorming phase!

Looking over your list, can you choose 1 or 2 areas to tackle in the next week or two?  Pick the easiest opportunities first, where solutions are quick and easy.  You will be amazed at how the little things can really add up to a big impact in your business!

Post on our Facebook page one or two things you are going to do this week to take your foot off the brake!

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