Your Soul Path is the key to understanding your potential.  You can see why certain patters are repeating in your life.  You can see what you need to understand.  And, most importantly, you can gain the great perspective to evolve further into your purpose.

Your report will share with you:

  • Your greatest strengths, and how they support your purpose.
  • Your unique brand of sabotage, and what to do to prevent it.
  • What you can expect for patterns in your current year.
  • What cycles of growth you will be facing on your journey, and the greater lessons.
  • Your Super Power
  • Your Life Lesson
  • Your Impact

You have big work ahead of you.  Knowing what is coming can set you up for success.  Would you like to know if you are in a growth year, a reset year or a sales year?  This will help you plan your time and energy.  You will also learn what personal and professional support and development will support your evolution.

Your report will share with you:

  • Your theme of the year… is it a time to reboot?  Launch a new product or service?  Spend time with loved ones?  All of these things, and more, are possible… but your theme tells you which will require a lot of your attention this year.
  • Your big challenge.  Every year, we have one area of our life that feels heavy, like a struggle.  It comes up this way because growth and transformation is required.  If you know this up front, the evolution can be welcomed, rather than resisted.  And you will be able to greet the lessons with more peace, and less resistance.
  • Your seasons within the year.  Every year, we have seasons that ask us to step up in particular areas of life.  We get a window of time to address them, and working through these challenges is the key in making progress on our overall theme and lesson of the year.
  • Jump start your evolution with awareness.
  • This includes a written report and 2 recorded coaching sessions to go over your year, and create a strategic plan (60 mins each).

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