The Momentum of Money

Budgets, financial plans and money tracking won’t help you fix your money situation.


You understand the Momentum and Energetics of Money.

Money works with the energy of flow.

Hence – “Currency”.

I get it, I do.  Sometimes Money feels like an uphill battle.

We make a sale, and the car breaks down.

We save $20 on groceries one week, then we get in an argument about our spending.

We get a raise at work, and find our our internet bill is going up.

And no matter how hard we try to “think positively”… the reality is, we feel crunched with money.  Pressure.  Like – am I doing enough?  Should I do more?  Why does it seem like others get this, and I don’t… am I missing something??

And all the pressure we put on our finances to determine our value and our worth!

  • When I have savings account of $X.
  • When I can go to part time hours.
  • When I have my credit card paid off, my car paid off, my house paid off, my student loans paid off.
  • When I have enough money for retirement.
  • When I can pay for a big  trip for my family.
  • When my business makes $10k a month.  $80k a launch.  $100k a year.  $500k a year.

THEN.  THEN I will feel abundant.  I will feel successful.  I will feel supported.  Stable.  Like I am handling life.

But… here’s the thing.  It’s a moving target.  And for some reason, we play a game with ourselves that we are never allowed to win.  Do you remember when you were 19 years old…. what was your definition of success?  For me, it was a road trip to Vancouver, staying in a hotel downtown, and eating sushi… ordering whatever I wanted without looking at the menu.

When I was 28… it was paying off my student loans.  Which I did.  Very unceremoniously.  And I didn’t feel one tiny bit different.

When I was 32… it was changing my hours so my mornings were more peaceful and loving with my first baby girl.

And I did all those things.  But… I didn’t feel successful.  I didn’t feel stable, secure, financially responsible.  Or even like a grown-up for that matter!!

I still felt afraid.  I felt like I didn’t know if I would be ok. I felt like I was broke, even as my income rose.  I felt insecure, even though I had a well-established life.

It has always been my path to make sense of money.  Even as a little girl, I was obsessed with money.  I can remember, at 5 years old, when the other kids wanted to play house and blocks and cars and GI Jo, I wanted to play Bank.  My mom would save up the deposit slips from the bank – you know, the ones with the carbon copy paper in them?  I would set up a desk with a stamp and ink pad.  I was the teller, my little sisters my customers.

When I went to University, I had a deep knowing that business, finance and money was the key to freedom.  I thought it would get me out of the feelings of being trapped and stuck in a life I never quite felt fit me.  I devoted 6 years, a bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree to my quest for freedom.

Money is freedom.  Money is freedom of choice, freedom of experience and freedom of opportunity.

But.. what I didn’t realize at the time…

it isn’t the AMOUNT of money that gives you the freedom you crave. 

It is the relationship you have with the money. 

And the understanding of the Momentum of Money

that gives you the freedom you deeply desire.

If you want to dive into understanding the Momentum of Money… the energetics and the flow… so you can feel supported, secure, stable, and free… join me in The Momentum of Money.

Starts Nov 13 2019

Every Wednesday, 10am PT, for 6 weeks.

Live content delivered via Zoom.  Recorded if you can’t make it live.  Opportunities for Q&A and group coaching support.  Worksheets for your progress.

Mini challenges and homework to ensure integration and RESULTS.

Fun, support and connection with an engaged group of unapologetic money lovers!

$97 CND

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