The little things you do every day.


Create prospertiy on your terms.


The way you relate with Prosperity is changing.  You can feel it, right?

You know the way to create success on your terms is to honour your intuition.  Overcome limited thinking.

Set intentions, take action, move forward.

And you are doing it.  You are creating success, you are seeing evidence and results.

Then something happens that feels like it derails you.  You struggle a bit… maybe backslide into the loop of lack.  And when we do this, it creates a rollercoaster relationship with Prosperity.  Ups and downs.  Ins and outs.

I noticed this too.  And it made me crazy.  I decided to commit.

I created a Sacredness around my Prosperity.  On my terms.

And The Practice of Prosperity was born.

It is a simple 4 part system that I do daily.  And, as a result, I am dramatically evolving and expanding my relationship with prosperity.

I officially declare August to be Prosperity Month.

Will you join me?

The thing is, you have a little voice deep inside of you.  Telling you there has to be a better way.  You inately know that the world around you is abundant.  Could it be that your Prosperity is ready to expand?



The Practice of Prosperity Journal

Fool proof.

Do this daily, and watch your Prosperity expand.


Prosperity Workshop

Kick off Workshop.  

So you know what to do and how to do it.  Creating a level of trust and ease around Prosperity.

elementAccountability and support

We aren’t meant to be on this journey alone.  

Walk with others who will witness and beleive in you.  And see the best in your, your highest potential.

Because doing the same thing

over and over again

is creating the same results:

uncertainty, scarcity and a loop of lack.

Drop the old models of scarcity and limit, and activate abundance and Prosperity on Your Terms.

The Practice of Prosperity

31 days.  10 minutes a day.  To expand Prosperity.  On your terms.

You will receive:

  • The Practice of Prosperity, a 31 day Journal of The Practice.
  • A workshop to learn exactly what to do to expand Prosperity on your terms.
  • Daily check ins, accountability and support.  Because the daily action is everything.  And doing this with people who beleive in you will expand your results.
  • Mini training (like, we are talking 10 mins!) to enhance your Practice.
  • Office Hours for questions, trouble shooting, and coaching.

Because with a foundation of prosperity:

Your world opens up.

 Your impact expands.

We begin in...









Or Email me:

If you are wondering if this is right for you, let’s talk.  I want you to be sure this is the next right step for you as you expand your Prosperity!


What is the investment?

  $67.  Easy.  Because investment should not be a barrier to Prosperity expansion.


What if I can’t make the scheduled training time?

No worries dear!  It is all recorded, and you show up on your schedule.  Because your prosperity wants you to honour your priorities.


I am super busy, work is crazy, and kids keep me running all day!  Is this for me?

Here is the thing.  Prosperity wants you to show up.  If you have time to scroll Facebook once a day, you have time to show up for yourself.  I beleive in you.  And I will do all I can to make this easy, fun, and exciting for you!  5 minutes.  Twice a day.  I beleive in you!


What if I have to miss a training?

All the meetings are recorded, so you watch on your terms!


What if something doesn’t make sense or I need extra support?

I am here for you.  We have office hours, and you can post questions in our private space.  You got this!

It is like so many things in life… you get out whatever you put in.  And I am fully commited to your transformation.  I am holding the space for your financial power, because I see it.  I know it is there.  And I will guide you to step into it, and fully own it.


Who will be leading the group?

Meaghan Alton will be leading the group!  She’s been running business and money groups for 6 years now, supporting small business owners and entrepreneurs.  Her background is in business and finance, and she has a Master’s Degree in Economics.

Her clients love her direct focus, compassionate support, encouragement and attention to expansion.  With her support, clients have experienced a broad range of wins, including:

  • 600% revenue growth in 6 months,
  • 30% monthly growth consistently for a 12 month period, and
  • doubling monthly income in 2 months.


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