Business Mantra

Do people’s eyes glaze over when you talk about what you do?

With your Business Mantra, people’s eyes will light up!

Your Mantra will:
• Deepen Client Connections
• Build loyalty, trust and referrals
• Leverage passion in your business
• Create a deeper sense of your purpose
• Understand what your clients most want and need

What my clients are saying about their business mantras:

Rhonda A: “Thank you super mucho much!! What an awesome process- creating a business mantra. It makes everything clear now…meaning why am I doing this? You rock!”

Jessica L: “Right away, Meaghan got me thinking about my business in a different way. She helped me come up with a mantra that I use to describe my business and already I have noticed people’s eyes light up when I describe my business based on the passion vs. products. She has helped me focus so instead of having all the ideas jumbled in my head, not knowing what to do next, I can determine whether it fits with my Mantra. This has allowed me to cut out ideas and focus on doing what is important and what will help my business.”

Shelley O: “Meaghan’s gift is seeing something big and complicated and finding the important stuff that matters.”

In our sessions together, we will spend some time getting clear on your passions, and how this is the foundation to your prosperous business. We will create a map to link your passions to your purpose in life, and in your business. We will learn how to create a deeper, emotional level with your ideal clients. This connection builds trust, which means loyalty, repeat customers and referrals! Best of all, it means you get to work with your ideal clients who love you and love your work. We will develop your business mantra. This will enable you to connect deeply with your clients. It will also help you made decisions in your business. It is a simple check, and can help even complex decisions seem much more manageable. It creates clarity and focus where your clients need it most.

Please contact me to find out more about your Business Mantra and to book your session!

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