VIP Growth Strategy

80% of people are unhappy in their jobs, and spend their days feeling drained, frustrated, and exhausted (Forbes).

50% of small businesses fail within the first 5 years (Industry Canada).

80% of small business owners would have trouble passing a test on basic finance (Startup Canada).

Yet, small business is critically important to our economy. In British Columbia, 85% of businesses employ 5 or fewer employees (BC Stats).

What can you do to be sure your business grows and thrives beyond the uninspiring statistics?

Have a crystal clear vision and a strong strategic plan. Businesses with a plan are twice as likely to succeed in terms of growing their business and accessing the funding they need.

I help entrepreneurs identify their passion and skills and infuse them into their business design so they can create a thriving business they are excited about.

Once we clarify a vision, we develop a business plan, complete with strategic plan, marketing plan and financial statements. After working with me, participants have what they need to build their business or re-energize an existing business.

If you would like customized, one-on-one support to create confidence and clarity around your business, I invite you to contact me. We can chat about what your current business challenges, potential barriers, and the vision you have for what you most want to achieve in your business. We can determine if we are a fit to work together, and how I can help you create a thriving business you are excited about.

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