It is through our greatest challenges and difficulties that we are presented with opportunities to learn and grow.  It is through challenge that we learn what is important to us.  In order to value something, sometimes we need to experience its lack.


What areas in your life can you identify as contrast to what you really want?

  • What causes you stress and frustration?
  • What do you wish you could stop in your business?
  • What feels like it is draining you, dragging you down?

The the word “crisis” is derived from the Greek word for decision.  When faced with a crisis, or a challenge, what we really have is a decision!

“Recognize the opportunity.” – JFK 

What new opportunity wants to arise from these challenges?

For example, perhaps email is one of your challenges.  You have a hard time finding emails, they often get lost, your inbox is full and overwhelming.  The new opportunity that wants to arise is a simple, elegant system for managing email.

Or, perhaps you find yourself running late many mornings, frantically trying to arrive to your appointments on time.  The new opportunity that wants to arise is seamless, easy, smooth mornings where you arrive on time to your meetings.

What is one thing you can do to support this new opportunity to emerge?

Post on our Facebook page, and let us know what wants to emerge for you in 2014!

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