Business Growth Strategist, Meaghan Alton, MA econ, helps business leaders become crystal clear on the most powerful ways to have a lot of fun and make amazing money doing what they love!

Meaghan has an exceptional gift: to heal your stress, overwhelm, and frustration around your business. She unveils your inner confidence and clarity, so you can view challenges differently. Opportunities emerge as you become deliberate and powerful moving towards your big business and money goals. Meaghan uses practical, hands-on tools in her presentations to create breakthroughs so you can uncover your bold action steps to create powerful momentum towards your success.


When you work with Meaghan, you learn to view obstacles and challenges differently.  You to become effective and deliberate as you move forward in business.   Meaghan will guide you to make tough decisions effortlessly.

Meaghan’s secret super powers are:
  • Intuitive listening skills to guide you to make tough decisions with ease,
  • cutting through confusion to clarity so big success money and business goals are met quickly, and
  • leading games to shake doubts, leaving you inspired and believing in yourself.

“The things you love are no accident.”


“Finding Meaghan has been a huge catalyst for my professional growth! If you want to get to the next level, she has the tools and the passion to take you there.” – Joy Kingsborough

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Education and Awards

Meaghan’s journey with Strategic Business Consulting began when she graduated with the highest marks in the program at Thompson Rivers University.  She spent several years working in Aboriginal economic development, where she learned first-hand what steps must be in place to support growth and financial prosperity.  After completing a Master’s degree in economics from the University of Alberta, Meaghan joined the Government of Alberta.  As an economist in the budget department, she learned how financial tools and goal setting can work together to support collaboration with others to reach a common objective.  Policy analysis honed her skills with problem solving, puzzles, and uncovering possibilities that others may not see.

After moving back to her home town of Kelowna, Meaghan took all her skills, experience and knowledge to start her company.  She has developed simple, fun systems for business owners to take their business to the next level.

She loves spending time with her husband, their new baby, and five year old daughter.  As a family they love to have adventures traveling and experiencing BC’s beautiful outdoors.

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