“I see so clearly why your business is doing so well.  You lead with your heart and you are brilliant!!” – LL
“Meaghan Alton is one of the few truly engaged and talented individuals focused on helping entrepreneurs and those who desire to be, to uncover your passions and align those with your business goals and mantra. I attended one of Meaghan’s workshops last year and the fun exercises that took place in discovering your passion in business and how she summarized my passions after only knowing me for a few minutes clearly stated to me how qualified and committed she is for helping others find their dream. Give Meaghan a look if you have ever considered starting your own business, she will guide you to take action and fulfill your dreams. – Jenn Kyllo
“Meaghan is amazing at providing support and motivation to small businesses. I am grateful for her services.” – Michelle Stephenson
“Finding Meaghan has been a huge catalyst for my professional growth! If you want to get to the next level, she has the tools and the passion to take you there.” – Joy Kingsborough
“Meaghan Alton is one of the tools any entrepreneur, coach, or consultant needs in their toolkit to help them succeed. She is an intuitive listener, and helps to get you clear on what’s holding you back in your business, get clarity and focus, and make a plan to reach your goals. I would definitely recommend Meaghan’s coaching services and workshops.” – Angelique Duffield
“I put off taking Meaghan’s course for a few months because some part of me knew that in order to truly live and work my passion, I would have to face some heavy decisions I wasn’t sure I was ready to make. But, in embracing those decisions and clearing the path for my most amazing life yet, I am in fact starting to live the most amazing and fulfilling life I could ever ask for. Big thanks to Meaghan’s out of the box strategies and techniques and all the aha moments…! Looking forward to part 2!”– J.
“I have done two sessions with Meaghan and already it’s made a huge difference!

I have been in business for about a year and half and while it has been growing, it was at a very slow pace. I realized that while I had a million ideas, I was lacking focus and systems. I attended one of Meagan’s workshops and with that one workshop and her worksheets, my vision became clearer and I realized that I needed to specialize to stand out.

I knew I had to do something drastic if my business was to succeed and so I hired Meagan for her Auto-Pilot Business Program. Right away, she got me thinking about my business in a different way. She helped me come up with a mantra that I use to describe my business and already I have noticed people’s eyes light up when I describe my business based on the passion vs. products.

She has helped me focus so instead of having all the ideas jumbled in my head, not knowing what to do next, I can determine whether it fits with my Mantra. This has allowed me to cut out ideas and focus on doing what is important and what will help my business.

But, what I like most of all is that she backs up her worksheets and ideas with science and facts. So, when she says, “describe your business based on the why”, she also says “people make decisions based on the part of the brain that…” etc.

Meaghan has a unique combination of passion and facts. This means that her love for her business translates into excitement for mine and she has research to back up what she says. She will also customize her plan to suit the individual needs of each business owner. And bonus, she’s fun too with a good sense of humour!

I hope this gives you an insight into how great it is to work with Meaghan! I have only just started but I know there’s lots more benefits to come and I only wish I had gotten help sooner!” – Jessica Lars

“I have found Meaghan to be warm, friendly and respectful of others. She is very genuine and walks the talk so to speak. On a professional level, Meaghan has assisted me over the past year to integrate course material into my business. I am a gifted creative person but I feel overwhelmed by administration and implementing structure into my business. I have learned that this is the exact reason many creative people like me fail in business; not because we don’t have a gift to share – but because we have difficulty creating the structure and systems required to succeed.

Recently, Meaghan helped me create new language to fit my new way of approaching business, interacting with my clients and to use in my marketing. For instance, I didn’t like the word “Report” and she quickly suggested “Blueprint”. Brilliant!

She also helped me edit a script for a presentation just minutes before I had to present. The script took me eight months to write, was way too long and she easily simplified it in just a few minutes! After I made a few changes she suggested, It immediately felt right to me and I went on stage and rocked it! This is her gift…seeing something big and complicated and finding the important stuff that matters.

I believe that Meaghan’s education and work experience in creating systems is an definite asset to me but I also really like her and trust her as a person.” – Shelley Ollinger

“I just wanted to let you know that your presentation made a huge impact on me. I’m feeling refreshed, rejuvenated… You opened my eyes. I thought about myself and what I want… And my dreams and goals. I haven’t thought about them as clearly as I have in the last 24 hours. Thank you!”– Jacky P.
“Working with Meaghan to create my business mantra was such an easeful, delightful, and profound process. I felt fully supported to move beyond playing small and opening up to my greater purposes, in my life and through my business. Thank you for the clarity and for helping me to divine such a juicy mantra!”– Donna H.
“It has been so easy to put planning on the backburner, as it seems so overwhelming. When you talk, it flows, and it has been so easy to jump into my plan. I just know it’s right.”– Sarah K.

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