Year Ahead Reading:  There is a Pattern to your Life

We experience our own cycles and patterns.  This influences what we see, feel and experience in any given year.  Knowing what the theme of your pattern is in 2019 will help you navigate with a little more grace and a little more trust.

Because you need to different intentions and tools in a growth cycle versus a release cycle.

You want to be in flow with your nature.  You want to see how the patterns are SUPPORTING you to reach your goals, your desires, your intentions.

In your personal Year Ahead Reading I will show you:

  • What cycle you are in, and what energy will best support your growth and development – personally, and in business.
  • What tools you can access to support you as you encounter opportunities and challenges on your path.
  • How to super-charge your intention and create an anchor word for 2019.
  • How to identify opportunities and leverage them into the results you desire.
  • What challenges may emerge, and how you can support yourself.
  • What actions will guide you towards the outcome you desire.

Birthday (DD/MM/YYYY)

Pay via this link and book into my calendar.

You will receive a 1 hour recorded session with me, where we can dive into your desires, intentions and goals.  And most importantly, what you can do to create the results you desire!

Questions?  Email me at

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